Resilience Toolkit

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'How to Rise - A Complete Resilience Manual' from Sheldon Press.

A language tool to help you apologise consciously

A mindfulness exercise to help you reframe negative core beliefs

A breathing exercise with physical and mental benefits

A practical exercise to turbo-charge your creativity

Practical ways to generate a smile and boost your mood

A meditation to help you peel away the labels you have accepted throughout life

A mindfulness exercise to help you process anger

Practical ways to connect with nature

A meditative exercise to help you practise Beginner's Mind

Thought diary to challenge distorted thinking

Recapitulation exercises for past trauma

A step-by-step guide to deal with stress responses

A meditation to let go of worries

A six step reframe for weight loss

An exercise in mindful eating

An exercise in observing our responses

A loving kindness meditation

A tool to achieve mindfulness and break the cycle of overthinking

A meditation to centre one's self

A tool to help you observe your interactions with others