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A Water Ritual

“Water is the soul of the Earth”

– W. H. Auden

Water really is everywhere. It is one of the most essential elements of our existence and there would be no life on the planet without.

Water is synonymous with life

Every living thing has water flowing through its very form in complex cyclical ways of rebirth and renewal. It is vital for the flushing away and elimination of our waste, the absorption of our nutrients, the lubrication of our joints and it is the life-force of every single cell within our bodies. No chemical reaction takes place within the body without water. It is essential to every physical human mechanism. For example respiration, digestion, mobility and protection against damage or disease. It is the main ingredient of blood, sweat and tears. We are wise if we stay physically hydrated:

In Spirituality, water is the element of the emotions

Like every human emotion experienced, water has peaks and troughs. During great storms far out in the ocean, it rises in huge, insurmountable waves that threaten to overwhelm us, and then as all things do, it eventually drains away and loses its vigor, to become the calm sea once more. Like our emotions also, it can be a gushing torrent or a stagnant pool. According to the tears that we cry as a result of peeling onions are hugely different in composition to those that we cry through emotion. Tears are a powerful component of both processing and healing. We are wise if we cultivate good emotional flow:

Water is cleansing

Whatever we are doing, most of us seek to be clean. We know intuitively when we have collected too much of the grime and dirt of daily living on our hands and bodies and we instinctively go in search a sink, shower or bath to cleanse and refresh ourselves and to thereby review our Spirit - we feel so much better for it. Water is essential for cleanliness in the physical world. It allows for the actual flushing away of pathogens and chemicals which would be harmful if allowed to accumulate and it therefore leaves modern manufactured alcohol gels and sprays a very poor substitute.

Water is mighty

Water has carved out our landscapes for millennia. It powers great turbines and can place vehicles into treetops or float vast ships. It supports us as we push away from the land into new and uncertain territory.

Water is fun

Water is an essential part of human socialization. In ancient times such as the Roman era, public baths were a place to meet and socialize as they are now. We also use them to improve fitness. Water parks and the beach and shallow waters are places to frolic with children and dogs and who does not enjoy a leisurely trip down the river on a boat?

Water is healing

A warm bath is medicine for the mind, body and soul. We can add essential oils and candles and evoke a feeling of calm wellbeing when we set aside time to do this at the end of a working day. For the sick or injured, warm hydrotherapy pools soothe the joints and melt the soft tissues both easing pain and improving mobility.

Water is constant

We never pass a day of human life where we do not come into contact with water of in some form or other. It is a regular reminder of our connection with every living thing on the planet and a deserving recipient for gratitude. We who have regular access to clean water are fortunate indeed. Without it we would be dust.

It really is all holy water!

When we bring into our conscious awareness those things that give us constant sustenance, nourishment and support life itself without our asking for them – we can harness that constancy with ritual and give our relationship with water meaning.


Try this:

Cultivate the habit of performing a Water Ritual.

Agree with yourself to make it part of your daily routine.

Begin like this:

The next time that you come into contact with water, be it a bath, shower, handwashing or walk in the rain:

Bring yourself right into the present moment.

Connect with your senses.

Feel the water

Breathe deeply.

On the out breath let go of any tension that you are holding in your body.

Repeat the following:

I cleanse myself of all that does not serve me

Of anything that has brought me doubt or pain

Of all situations that are depleting me or draining me

Of blame towards myself or others

I let it all go completely

Into the water

To be gently eased away


Leaving behind only that which is me or mine


In the water my wounds are healed

I am bathed in understanding









And gratitude


I am safe

I am whole

I am perfect

I can begin again in every single moment


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