Resilience Toolkit

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A meditative exercise to help us move forward in a measured way, acknowledging our life lessons as we go

Reframe negative core beliefs by creating positive statements

A meditative exercise to help you access your inner strength

A mindfulness exercise engaging our visual sense

A sleep induction technique adapted from Hypnotherapy

An NLP technique to anchor positive emotions to a physical point on your body

A meditative exercise allowing you to move forwards

A deep relaxation meditation exercise

A meditation to help us make the most of all our relationships

A deep-dive into our current wellbeing

A meditative exercise to create some space in your day

A meditative exercise to help us be open to receive whatever the universe has to offer

A practical exercise to reframe fearful thoughts into positive action

Ways to make better use of your time and a practical tool to categorise tasks

A meditation to make us aware of our breathing and rid us of negative thought patterns

Reframe core beliefs and banish negative patterns of thinking using this meditation

A grounding exercise

A cleansing meditation

Reliving past positive experiences

Exercises to improve visualisation skills

An ancient Taoist breathing technique that can be used to terminate a panic attack

A meditative exercise to get you in tune with your body

An observation exercise to help us identify where the locus of power sits within our relationships

A guide to developing an internal locus of control

A meditative exercise to shield yourself from harmful outside influences

A practical exercise to help us be present and accept the gifts we are given

A meditation designed to help us connect with nature and encourages mindfulness

A Shamanic exercise to reclaim your energy

A meditative breathing technique with physical and psychological benefits

A meditative observation exercise that allows us to consciously choose our actions]

A mindful meditation to cultivate stillness

Rescue yourself from anything with this strategic problem-solving framework

A mindfulness exercise to help control automatic thoughts and responses

A mindful meditation designed to foster acceptance

A meditative exercise to free you of excess baggage that holds you back

A physical exercise to improve confidence and performance

A guide to how to say No!

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