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Gathering your Inner Strength

“I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time.”

Anna Freud

As we face a month away from loved ones, locked down, with few things to look forward to and little in the way of positive news.

We want to share a way to get through.

“A core of steel” is a phrase often used when talking about people who are considered tough and strong. It is seen as something to admire and aspire to.

Toughness can be synonymous with resilience.

We all have steel that we can access when needed.

This is our inner strength.

It is always there.

Some of us ignore it and choose to lean on others or avoid situations we do not want to face.

The more we do that, the less we feel able to access it.

We may even forget it is there.

As a consequence we may feel weak and overwhelmed.

Or out of control and stuck.

Often we can fall into a child role telling ourselves that others know better than we do; that we need their help or approval. We stop believing in ourselves and our abilities. We listen to criticism and allow it to reinforce our core beliefs that we are not good enough or defective in some way.

We may choose to become a victim of our circumstances, telling ourselves that we have no control over what happens and that it is down to others. We give away our power to affect change. We deny our strengths and let external scenarios push us in any direction; determining outcomes for us

Some of us sabotage our achievements through fear of change. Our situation right now is known and the future is unknown. Even if our current circumstances are unpleasant it is hard to move towards an unknown future. Better and safer to stay where we are and put up with the situation at hand.

Finally some of us choose to prostitute ourselves. We block our progress by lack of investment. This is through fear of loss; loss of income, support, possessions, status, relationships, time and health. We may also agree to partake in things that do not nourish us for personal gain. A good example of this is gossip.

These ideas are further explored by Caroline Myss

This week we share a meditative exercise to help you access your inner strength.

Put aside the child, victim, saboteur and prostitute; take your power and be perfectly authentically you.

Try this:

Find a quiet comfortable spot

Take your attention to your breathing

The tidal in and out of your breath

Feel the air enter your body

Bringing life

Now take your attention to your feet

Feel the ground beneath them

Imagine roots spreading down connecting you to the nutrient rich earth

The solid foundation on which everything is built

Your rock

Your stability

Infinite possibilities lying dormant waiting

Now take your attention to the top of your head

Imagine a silver thread connecting you to the Cosmos

The universal source of divine energy

Visualise the heavens with all their celestial light

Pure unbounded potential

Rooted to the earth

Connected to the Universe

Feel the energy flowing through you

Now focus on your inner most core

Do you feel this in your gut, or in your head, or in your heart?

You will know what is right for you

Feel the energy at your core pulsing

Your source

Now feel that energy at your centre start to expand

Drawing from the Earth and the Universe

Feel it gather and multiply

Feel it grow

Like a spark that grows to an inferno

Brighter and brighter

Warmer and warmer

Feel your power radiate out until it covers your whole body

You are infinite energy

Infinite possibility

Bask in this feeling for as long as you need

When you are ready

Bring yourself back to full awareness with the knowledge that your inner strength is ready for anything

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