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Look Within

“For a while I looked outside to see what I could make the world give me, instead of looking inside to see what was there.” Belle Livingstone

One of the things we love about producing this blog is the opportunity it gives us to think and reflect. We chew over current events or things that have happened in our life, and we ask “why?” “Why do things happen?” “Why do we respond to events in the way we do?” We then ask each other “What can we do about it?” When we come up with an answer we humbly share it here with you.

Recently we have been discussing how negative the world appears to be. The news is full of stories about corruption and wrong doing. There is a huge level of dissatisfaction in many professions and a constant mantra that there is not enough; staff, money, time, recognition, job-satisfaction. There is a pervasive feeling of negativity and fear that infects everything.

Leading on from this we asked – “How can we possibly thrive and be happy, or even function, in such a situation?”

Sobering thoughts!

It took us some time, but we have realised that in fact, what is happening externally is irrelevant, we have everything that we need with us all along, and perhaps all we need to do is look within

When we look externally for validation, approval, happiness or success we make ourselves powerless because we have no control over the things such as another person’s opinion, they are external to us. If we need the approval of others to confirm our worth then our self-worth depends on them and not us.

If instead, we focus on what is going on for us, if we look a little deeper into what we believe about ourselves and why, then we will have a better understanding of our thoughts feelings and behaviours. When we come to understand why we believe the things we do about ourselves. We recognise when fear has contaminated our responses.

When our thoughts feelings and behaviours become conscious, then we can choose to positively affect them. We can challenge negative thoughts and distorted patterns of thinking, we can promote positive body chemistry and we can choose positive appropriate actions.

If our responses have highlighted an underlying negative core belief, we can choose to reframe this into a truth.

In short we have everything that we need when we look within.

We have everything that we need right here. We have all the information and knowledge required, we know all of our fears and shame, our hopes and dreams.

We are the person absolutely best placed to stand up for us.

We are the only being who will never leave, and we are always there when we need something.

This week we share a meditation designed to empower and bolster self-worth – look within wild human, look within.

Try This:

Sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight

Allow yourself to come completely into the present moment

The sounds in the room

The sensations in your body

Allow them to become a part of your experience now

Close your eyes

And take your awareness to your breathing

Notice it’s tidal quality

Connecting you with all of nature

Every breathing living thing

And all of the cycles

Of our existence

The turning from day to night

And night to day

The waxing and waning of the moon

The tides of the sea

And the changing of the seasons

From Winter to Spring

Spring to Summer

Summer to Autumn

And Autumn to Winter again

Settle into you deep resounding rhythms

And allow the breath to deepen and lengthen

As you begin to experience

A letting go

Since the beginning of your time

Here on Earth

‘Wild human’

You have been travelling

Crossing flower scattered meadows

Wading through green rivers

Climbing towards high summits

And picking your way through deep forests

In search of

That which you need

Along the way

You have seen both wonderful

And terrible things

You have weathered great storms

And enjoyed warm balmy evenings

You have seen every sunrise

And every sunset

You have learned about the world around you

What to steer clear of

And how to behave

Your boots are weathered and worn

And your maps have been folded and unfolded many times

You are a seasoned voyager

And much of the way is familiar now

As you advance forward in your quest

To collect those things

That you need

The tools that will make it easier to travel

And the things that will make you feel complete

But today is a good day to rest

After all you have been travelling a while

It is a good day to pause

And to reflect

And so you find a suitable place

Way up in the mountains

By the river

Where the air is pure and clear

And you can see all the way to the summit

A lone tree stands firm on the bank

And you spread your well used blanket

Over its wide roots

and settle

Allowing your body

To rest up against its broad trunk

You close your eyes

And take in the scent of mountain herbs

And allow your thoughts to dissolve

As you drift into total bliss

Over time thoughts begin to arise again

As thoughts always do

And you find yourself musing about your quest

“What is it that I am seeking?”

“What do I need?”

“What direction should I take next?”

Better relationships?

More knowledge?




More confidence?

Time management skills?

Better communication?


Healthy boundaries?

Increased self- worth?

What things come up for you here as you ask these?

As you ponder your responses

You are suddenly aware of your comfortable resting position

You notice at once that you cannot feel the knots in the tree trunk

Pressing into your back

It is as if there is a soft cushion separating you from the bark

So you turn around to discover what is there

And to your astonishment

You see that it is a bag

A large spacious bag

made of the most beautifully coloured silk

That you have ever seen

And so light

That you had no idea of its presence

You must have been carrying it all this time!

So you slip your arms from the straps and examine it further

And you dive your hands into its opening

Excitedly, in search of its contents

Carefully and in wonder

You begin to pull out

Treasure after treasure

First a beautifully crafted bow made from yew

And a perfect arrow with a fine flint head

For pure, clear intention

Next you pull out a wide iridescent shield

Made from finest metal and leather

And light as a feather

For protection and courage

Next, a piece of pure white chalk

For drawing a distinct boundary circle around yourself

And now fine silver needles and golden thread

For suturing cuts and lacerations

Perfect scented bunches of herbs

To heal your wounds

Scented oils and balms

To soothe your pain

Crystal bowls

To collect and hold your tears

In fact

Contained within your bag

Is all of the medicine that you have ever needed


Appreciation of your wholeness


Instinct and intuition










The power to know when and how let go

The power to ease suffering

Self- expression





Conscious choice

And it has been here with you all along

Since the very start

As you lay the contents of your bag on your blanket

You begin to see also your own unique, precious gifts

Glinting as the sunlight touches them

You greet them like old friends

Touching and handling them

With newfound appreciation

You have seen them before in full use

And the joy and benefits that they have brought to others

They are yours to own

And it is time that you made full use of them for yourself

You are, after all, the one who is most worthy of their benefits

As you begin to understand this truth

You are filled with warmth and gratitude

For your ‘Wild Human’ Self

And all of the medicine and gifts that you carry

In your beautiful bag

That is light as a feather

And always with you

You only need to reach inside it

To know that what you seek

Has been here all along

Read our book for more insights on ‘How to Rise’

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1 Comment

Feb 04, 2023

I simply want to share with you both how, in recent days, I've become intimately aware of moments that I've been invited to laugh, and when I do, how my "self" is filled up with positive chemicals. Thanks for listening dear ones! 💓

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