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The Shaman's Way

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

“Shamanism is the ancient path of healing and spiritual connection”

– Unknown

Shamanic practice is one of the oldest forms of spiritual/personal healing. It predates religious doctrine and blurs the boundaries between medicine, spirituality, and emotional and mental wellbeing.

The indigenous Medicine Man was the wise one of the tribe who’s counsel would be sought during times of dis-ease. The nature of the problem would have ranged from material scarcity to physical disease and disability, or mental and emotional issues. The boundaries between these areas of difficulty have been made firm in the modern world. If you are struggling with debt, a financial advisor is the one to ask. If you are physically ill, your GP is your contact. If you are struggling emotionally, consulting a therapist is a good idea. In some cultures, there was a specific Shaman within the tribe for a particular issue, but the boundaries were much softer than they are now. In the days before modern structurisation and the implementation of systems to help the masses, there was a Shaman. This was the case, the world over. Evidence of Shamanism exists in Celtic, Inuit, Native American, Norse and African prehistory amongst others, and it is alive and well in many places today.

Shamanism has come to the West. Many people are now realising the wisdom of the Shamanic path towards healing and incorporating it into their therapeutic practices. The Inca Shaman School offers authentic training and retreats where deep personal and spiritual work can be undertaken in the place of its origin: INCA SHAMAN SCHOOL - Peru Shamans

Many of our tools and meditations have their roots in Shamanism. It is well documented that many of the wise teachings about the psyche today were also inspired by it. Modern fathers of psychology such as Carl Jung and Deepak Chopra are known to have studied it and there is a widely respected philosophy of healing around ‘The Four Agreements’ by Don Miguel Ruiz.

What is Shamanism?

We recently wrote an article about how to retain your power: How to Retain Your Power ( In this article we outlined some of the ways in which we give away our power to others and to external events throughout our day. We do this because of fear. When we give our fear to something, we give it power.

We are wise if we recognise that an unconscious habit of giving away power leads to a cumulative depletion of our energy. When we practice Shamanism, we learn that we as individuals do not possess a finite amount of power that can run out, rather it is a Universal life-force that can be channelled to flow through us.

When we learn the rules of the Universe, we have the key to manifesting the exact life that we want. Examples of these include reflection, intention, manifestation, gratitude, shadow, karma, soul theft, soul retrieval, ancestral patterns, clarity, rituals, and archetypes. We have written about all the above in our weekly articles and teachings, aiming to bridge the gap between the mystical, the spiritual and the scientific. The simple fact is that they work. We have both seen these principles divinely at play and as part of the healing process on countless miraculous occasions.

When we learn how to master these aspects of the psyche within the framework of the modern world, we become master of the Self. We never need to fear running out of energy again – when we fear becoming depleted, we give our power to it and so, we inadvertently manifest that outcome anyway.

Shamanic Healing is all about harnessing Universal Power with the use of tools and rituals to create a shift. These shifts may manifest emotionally, physically or in mindset or outlook. They can be subtle yet pervading or they can be cataclysmic. We have experienced and seen both.

Try this

Add your email to the front page of the website and you will be greeted with a welcome email. On that email are four links, one of which is entitled ‘Power Retrieval.’

This is an audio guided meditation which takes inspiration directly from a Shamanic ritual for reclaiming power.

It is an extremely useful tool for recharging at the end of a busy day and can be your go-to rescue remedy following any difficult experience. Set the intention of listening to the ‘Power Retrieval’ meditation on a regular basis and watch your energy reserves bolster.

This is just one example of a Shamanic tool.

For a more personal journey with Shamanic Healing contact Chrissie at her clinic on 07716219091 or via her website: Shamanic Healing and Energy Therapy

For more insights and a host of tools and techniques for exploring the Self and improving your human experience see our book:

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1 Comment

Nov 15, 2023

In The Shaman’s Way article thank You for explaining how we don’t have to hold all of the power and strength we need to remain strong. I now understand that the power is there, and will pass through us if we allow ourselves to let it and to remain steady and open to this. thank you so much for these articles

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