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A Gratitude Journal

Make time in your routine for gratitude
Turn off devices
Find a comfortable place to sit surrounded by things you love. This may be outside; it may be in your bedroom. Wherever feels right for you
Make sure you have no distractions
Prepare yourself for you journaling by centring yourself
Close your eyes and take your awareness, as always, to your breathing
Feel the ground beneath your feet, the cushions behind you or the chair against your legs
Listen carefully to the sounds around you
Breathe deeply and slowly
Feel your connection to the universe

Now open your eyes and start to write:
Think about 3 things you are grateful for today
How do they make you feel
Sit with that feeling, relive it
Even on bad days there are positive elements. Focus on these

Now think about the things you have achieved today and write about them
Congratulate yourself
Give yourself permission to feel proud

Write down 3 things you have learned today
Feel grateful for those lessons

In the silence allow your intentions for tomorrow crystallise
Clear intentions lead to positive outcomes

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