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A Power Retrieval

Sit in a quiet, comfortable place with your spine straight.
Take your awareness, as always to your breathing. The tidal in and out of your breath.
Allow those breaths to slow and deepen as you begin to notice the physical “letting go” of tension on the outbreath.
Now try to get a sense of your need to recharge.
If you are depleted, where does it express itself in your body?
Does it have a colour?
A taste?
A smell?
What does it feel like?
Sit with it for a moment.
Now imagine yourself on a path.
At the beginning of a journey.
This journey represents a recent difficult day.
Or a week of lockdown.
It represents a journey where you lost some of your energy.
However the path appears is right for you.
No need to question or analyse.
Just accept that this is the path where you can reclaim your power.
Begin walking.
As you walk along the path, you will notice objects which have been left along the side of it.
These objects represent your energy.
It doesn’t matter what they are, just know that they symbolise part of your power that you have either lost or given away.
As you travel along the path, pick up these objects and put them in the bag that you have brought with you.
Continue along, collecting the lost objects until you know that you have reached the end of the journey or you arrive back at the start.
Now sit down in a comfortable spot with your bag.
When you examine the contents you will notice that the objects have merged together into a ball of light.
Take out this ball of light. It belongs to you.
Now return it.
You can press it towards your heart or breathe in into your chest.
However you choose to reclaim the energy is right for you.
Enjoy feeling yourself fill with radiant light as you own that lost energy once more.
Sit for a few more moments and then begin to drift gently back to full awareness with a replenished zest for life and the resilience to face everything that lies ahead.

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