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A Walking Meditation

A Walking Meditation:

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair” Kahil Gibran

Step outside and head to a place of quiet solitude.
Walk towards a place where nature is evident.
It could be a forest, river or mountain.
Or it could simply be a tree or some potted plants in your back yard.
Slow your walking pace and take your awareness to your breathing.
The tidal in and out of your breath.
Be conscious of the life-giving inbreath that you share with all living things
And allow the release of the outbreath to help you to be free of anything that no longer serves you.
Know that your body has its own cycles and rhythms
Your body is made of earth material
Day turns to night and night to day
The moon waxes and becomes full
And then wanes to darkness
The earth, too, has breath.
Take your awareness to your feet
Feel the firm earth pushing up to meet them
Feel the connection with the earth
And all living things
Pause and imagine your connection with the earth as little roots sprouting from the bottoms of your feet and burrowing down into the fertile soil
Become in tune with your senses
Become completely aware of your surroundings in the present moment
Notice what is beautiful
And practise gratitude
Take your awareness to the top of your head
And the sky beyond
Far up above you there are planets and stars
You are a part of it all
Imagine your celestial connection as vibrant rays of warm light reaching up from the top of your head towards the cosmos
And in the centre
One single silver thread
If thoughts of past or future invade
Just gently bring yourself back to this moment in time
It is yours to enjoy right now
Honour your relationship with everything in the natural world.
Recognise its beauty
A sense of oneness
If you have time, sit for a few minutes and be still.
Know your surroundings but rise above your thoughts and just BE
And when you are ready
Bring yourself back to full awareness with a renewed sense of connection

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