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Anchoring Positive Emotions

Sit in a quiet, comfortable spot where you will not be disturbed
Find an area on your body that you can conveniently press your fingers into
Maybe on your thigh just above the knee as you sit
Or pressing your thumb and finger together
Whatever works for you
And as always take your awareness to your breathing
The tidal in and out of your breath
Become acutely aware of your own body in this present moment
Remember that the present moment is all that we have
Even if it is not the one we wanted
Or were expecting when we visualised it
Let your breath become slow and deep
And allow yourself to become calm
And accepting
Now take yourself back to a time when you felt absolute joy
A time of pure happiness
Picture the situation exactly as it was then
Now allow the picture to become really vivid
And step into the shoes of your younger self
The one in the memory
And live that memory exactly as if it were happening right now
Remember to use all five senses
What can you see?
Turn the intensity right up!
Let it flood through you
Now press your fingertips into the spot you have chosen
And hold the pressure there for a few moments
Pressing all those feelings into that spot
Release the pressure and clear your mind of the memory
Think about something completely different
Like what you ate for dinner last night
When your mind is clear
Test the anchor again
Allow those feelings and sensations to flood back into your mind
Now you can fire this anchor at any time
When you are feeling overwhelmed
After a long stint on social media
After a hard day work
If you want to boost or intensify your anchor simply repeat the process!

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