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Beginner's Mind Exercise

Prepare by cultivating the habit of reassessing and reframing your boundaries accordingly in all situations as they unfold. Do this without emotion. If you have been adversely affected by something, you can step into the shoes of your Observer Self, witness the process, and calmly adjust. Set your new rules based on current information rather than on events that have gone before.

Now by set the intention to experience your ‘Beginner Self.’

This is the part of you that is awoken at the very start of something completely new. The wide-eyed innocent who is completely open and ready to learn. To absorb every new piece of information that is given. Utterly humble. Totally free of expectations. Filled with enthusiasm and the energy that is created by the presence of a blank page and a set of bright felt tip pens. You know this part of the Self. You have experienced her/him many times before. Become acquainted again.

Now set the intention to invite your Beginner Self into all situations without exception. Approach all meetings, projects, events and journeys through the eyes of this part of the psyche. Open your eyes and ears wide to all possibilities. Let go of all expectations. Forgo any sense of limitation or constraint.

Open yourself up to the idea of the unexpected. Of surprise. Of pure unbound potential.

Know that by invoking your Beginner Self you are not erasing your lifetime of knowledge and experience. You are practising compartmentalisation. You are abandoning the habit of consistently bringing your expertise to the fore. Your need to do this comes from a place of fear and you are releasing that need. Instead, you are willing to see each situation completely anew. To start over. To learn. As you practise this, you will become increasingly confident in your ability to resist reaching for your hard-earned collection of knowledge and experience. As you become more skilled, you will place less importance on what you already know, and your focus will shift towards a totally new way of seeing.

As always, practise keen observation of the process, taking account of how the Universe responds to the shifts that you have made. Indulge in gratitude for every positive effect that your ‘beginner’s mind’ creates and for every lesson and new insight that it brings.

Resolve to greet each brand-new day with the childlike wonder that it deserves, because it is, after all, a chance to begin again.

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