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Control Fear

The next time you feel a fear response rising within you, rather than resisting, sit with it.
How and where do you feel it in your body?

Press pause on any automatic thoughts, knee jerk thoughts which follow those feelings.
Instead, become fully present and conscious.

To help you to do this, breathe deeply and slowly, following the air right to the bottom of your lungs.

Thank that protective part of your psyche for rising to the challenge you are facing.

Gently let it know that you are listening.

Come right into the present moment. Do not concern yourself with any past or future concerns.

Remember that those things cannot be addressed right now.

Ask yourself “is there any immediate threat?”

“Am I projecting myself into a future which is not determined yet?”

Now you can explore what it was that created those feelings of fear.

You can decide whether they were well founded. You can decide what is needed.

You can choose whether to act or whether to accept uncertainty and be present.

You can consciously decide what it is that you need in this moment.

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