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Creating Stillness

Find a quiet place to sit for a few minutes between tasks.
Take your awareness to the tidal flow of your breath.
Allow it to slow and deepen and notice the feeling of quiet calmness that settles over you.
As you have done before, allow the out breath to become just a little bit longer than the in breath, and notice that familiar feeling of letting go in the body and mind.
Imagine that you have taken precious time out of your day to sit by the ocean.
Look at the sea. Like your breath, there is a hypnotic ebb and flow that occurs naturally without you having to do anything at all.
Sometimes, the waves crash onto the shore and then pull back with all the forces of nature at their back.
Sometimes the water is so calm that it is barely possible to detect the rhythmical shimmer at the water’s edge.
Today is a calm day.
Although water ebbs and flows very gently at the edges, the rest of it appears perfectly still.
There is no breeze to disturb the water’s surface. The are no ripples at all.
From where you are sitting, you look up at the sky. It appears bright blue. There are only one or two white clouds and in the sharp light you can see the moon hovering in the daytime.
As you slowly breathe in the stillness, an awareness comes to you that the moon, the clouds and the bright blue of the sky are perfectly reflected in the water below.
Allow yourself to become perfectly still so that you, like the water can reflect the beauty of the world around you.
Gently allow yourself to come back to the here and now bringing with you the stillness that you have created.

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