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Flow Meditation

As always, take your awareness to your breathing.
Appreciate its tidal quality
And the constant renewal of clean, refreshed air that you are supplied with
Slow, steady, and adaptable

This is flow

Allow the breath to slow and deepen just as you have done may times before
Recognise the feeling of calm that settles over you

Imagine that you are out for a walk
On a beautiful, summers day
There is a slight breeze
And summer is in full bloom
The air is warm
And the slight breeze carries to you
All the scents of nature
In the distance you can hear water
From far off there is a rushing sound
But much closer you hear the gentle babbling and splashing
Of a large stream
As you walk towards the sound
It comes into view
A sunlit stream where the water flows
At such a pace that it is neither a gushing torrent
Or a snaking green slick
Neither too fast
Or too slow
As you approach
The water seems to jump and dance in the sunlight
Reflecting every colour of the rainbow
You crouch down at the edge of the stream
And reach your hand into the water
It is surprisingly warm
And incredibly inviting
So you take of your shoes and socks
And step into the stream
The feeling of the water is so pleasant
And the water is deep enough for you to sit down
Before you know it
You are lying down in the clear iridescent water
Allowing it to flow through your hair and clothes
Refreshing every fibre of your being
As you lie there in the water
You watch the white fluffy clouds drift over head
Although you are completely still in the water
You feel that you too are drifting
With the gentle bob and flow of the water around you
Somewhere upstream is a stagnant pond
And downstream is a gushing torrent
But here the flow is steady and constant
New and pleasant water coming
And then leaving
Constantly renewing
But ever changing
As you lie in the water
You begin to visualise your joys
Your pain
Your successes
Your regrets
Your happiness
Your sadness
Everything that has come
And gone
And you appreciate the flow of the water all around you
Bringing the joys and the lessons
But always moving forward
Alleviating discomfort
Dissolving doubt
Melting away pain
Bringing creativity
New growth
And the constant renewal of all things
You allow yourself to be bathed in hope
And gratitude
You lie there for a while
Bathing in the flow of the water

As you leave the stream you are refreshed and renewed
Ready to face whatever comes your way

Gently bring yourself back to full awareness with a renewed sense of hope and positivity and remember, always to immerse yourself in life’s flow.

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