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Free Yourself from Negative Core Beliefs

Take a moment to think about yourself and your life.

Make a list of the roles you play or have played in life so far.

Next write down a list of words that you would use to describe yourself.

Now ask significant people in your life to do the same. This may be a partner, a parent, a colleague, a friend. Ask them to be honest. You may even want to make it anonymous.

Prepare yourself for what you might receive.

This exercise needs to be done with openness and honesty. You may not like how others see you but the knowledge you gain will grant you great power. Remember that they way that we are perceived by others, is often dictated by our own beliefs about Self.

Compare those lists:

How do you see yourself?

What do the words you have written say about you?

What do the words written by others tell you about the Self that you show to the world?

What roles and labels have you accepted from others?

What roles and labels have you given to yourself?

Now make a list of descriptions you want to fit, the things that you aspire to, and the roles that you truly love.

Compare your lists:

Where are the contradictions?

Which of these roles and labels no longer suit you?

Which of them feel like a good fit?

Which of them drain you and leave you feeling depleted?

Which of them sustain and nourish you?

Now, narrow down the lists to the perfect, ideal fit.

When you know what you want your list to look like and how you would like to present to the world, spend some time creating positive mantras that affirm those beliefs.

Keep them simple and positively worded:

“I am healthy”

“I am assertive”

“I am organised”

“I am confident”

“I am calm”

“I am loveable”

Repeat your own personal mantras every day, and as you begin to reframe your beliefs; new thoughts, feelings and behaviours will follow, creating a ripple effect throughout the universe and changing the way that it responds to you forever.

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