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How to Get Moving

Step 1:

Spend time each day to affirm that you are full of energy and health, that physical activity nourishes you. This can be part of your morning ritual or as you go to bed, part of your gratitude for the day.

Step 2:

Choose from the activities listed above or choose your own. Really think about what resonates with you, what you enjoy doing as this is less likely to feel like a chore.

Step 3:

Choose your time. Looking at your daily rituals; where can you add in parcels of activity? A good way to weave new activities into your day is to ‘Habit Stack[4].’ Pick something you do every single day without fail and do your new activity after it. Before you know it the physical activity is a healthy habit.

Step 4:

If you cannot find any time for exercise You need to get inventive and find small sustainable was to increase your physical activity.

For Example:

While you brush your teeth for 2 minutes – do a series of squats. No one will see you! Your heart rate will be elevated and your quads muscles will strengthen which over time will increase your BMR. In addition it is good for conditioning your knees and will help if you have any knee pain.

As your exercise tolerance increases you can increase the number of squats. To keep the activity fresh mix in other strength exercises such as lunges.

On the commute to work pull in your stomach muscles and hold your abs for as long as you can. Make this a game, time yourself and see if you can beat your personal best. Pelvic floor exercises are great here as well.

When you are watching TV you can do the same thing with your abs and add in some arm exercises. Try punches, lifting weights (aka tins of beans) above your head, biceps curls and triceps dips.

Good cardio exercises on the spot are star jumps and jump squats (jump up and when you land sink into a squat.)

If you already do lots of activity then vary it with a combination of cardio, strength and balance exercise.

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