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How to Lose Weight Without Dieting - Part 1

Mindful eating:

The next time you eat, spend some time really experiencing the meal with all your senses.

Set aside time making it a dedicated part of your day, time for you to enjoy; a part of your selfcare routine.

Set the table and set the scene.

Let meals become healthy rituals that you can share with family and friends or savour on your own.

Rushing a meal standing at the kitchen counter or grabbing a sandwich as you drive is not mindful eating.

Prepare your food with care and make the effort to present it beautifully.

Honour what you eat.


Look at your food

Is it hot or cold?

Can you see steam?

Is the food solid or soft?

How would you describe it’s shape?

Does it ooze or crumble or melt?

What colours can you see?

Are they vibrant or muted, uniform or multiple?

How does this food feel?

Is it sticky or silky?

What different textures can you discern?

Smooth and velvety or rough to your fingertips and your tongue.

What sounds can you hear whilst this food is being prepared?

When you bite into it what noise does it make?

A crunch, a snap, a pop or no sound at all?

Notice the tantalising aroma of your food

Is it spicy, fruity, minty?

Inhale deeply experiencing these smells fully

Now try the food

Take your time

What succulent flavours can you taste?

Sweet, sour, savoury or salty.

Are there layers to the flavour?

What undertones can you detect?

Do you like this food?

Think about where the food came from and the connection it gives to the natural world

How does it make you feel?

What memories does it evoke?

Make at least one meal a day Mindful.

Really pay attention to how you eat.

Savour every mouthful and allow your body to tell you when you are full.

Enjoy food without any guilt or negative emotions.

Be grateful for it and the experience.

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