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Mindful Movement

Begin by choosing an activity for ‘Mindful Movement’ that you know you enjoy.

Before your chosen activity, take a few moments to prepare yourself and your environment

Set the clear intention that you will give your whole attention to the activity

Begin to move

What do you feel?

Can you feel your breath quickening?

Your heart beating faster?


The rush of your circulation?

Does it feel good to wake your body up in this way?

Does it thank you for the attention you are paying to the activity?

Remember to activate all your senses

Feel the movements of your body

The long, indulgent stretching of the soft tissues

Does your body celebrate them?

The feel of your clothing against your skin

The feel of a breeze in your hair and on your cheek

The invigorating, crisp cold of winter

The soft, dewy freshness of spring

The languid warmth of summer and the golden abundance of autumn

Feel your breath, the tidal quality that resonates with the movement

Feel the changes in your heart rate and blood pressure as you progress

Smell the comfortable smells of your home

The sweet scents of nature

And the real smells of your body as it heats up

Taste the changes in the air as you move.

Look carefully at your surroundings

The colours and light changes associated with your movements

The beauty of your surroundings

And the jewels of nature.

Listen to the ambient noises

You may be in your own home

And can listen to the sounds of others

The hum of machinery and the noises of the building

Or sweet music for dancing

These external stimuli do not distract you

They only serve to further focus your attention

Listen to the sound you are making

Your breath

The crinkle of your clothing

The sound your feet make when they connect with the ground.

When you are outside

Immerse yourself absorbed in the sounds of nature

The tweeting of birds

The rustling of undergrowth

The heavy silence of snow

The babble of nearby water

The splish-splash of rainfall.

Fully experience your movement, moment by moment

No room for rumination or worry

Whatever we are doing, if we can make all of our movements and actions mindful we can preserve our peace throughout the day.

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