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Mindful Observation

Here is a mindfulness exercise you can engage in every day:
It is based on the concept that fully engaging our 5 senses brings us into the present and leaves no room for past or future. We have chosen vision for this exercise.

Mindful Observation:
For this exercise you need to choose a picture or photograph to observe

Sit in a quiet comfortable spot
Place your chosen object in your line of sight
Close your eyes and take your attention to your breathing
The tidal in and out of your breath
Allow your breaths to slow and deepen
As you do recognise the characteristic softening of your muscles
An easing of tension
Now open your eyes and look at your chosen picture
Observe the shapes and colours
The lines
Appreciate the beauty portrayed for you
Look at every part
What details do you see?
Admire any contrasting elements
Observe the tones, the highlights and shadows
As you fully focus your attention on your picture
All other thoughts are on hold
Not needed
Not relevant
Unable to sabotage your Mental Wellbeing
Keep your focus on your picture
As you sit in this state of mindfulness, fully in the present moment
Feel your connection to the Universe
An immense energy that you can tap into when needed
Sit with this true consciousness for as long as you need

When you are ready
Bring yourself back to the room

Now continue your day with your mind at peace
Notice how much more productive you are after enjoying this exercise

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