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This tool is best used ritualistically throughout the day. Regularly asking ourselves set questions regarding our mental wellbeing allows us to identify the how much the current situation is impacting on us and what factors within it we can and cannot control. This will give us direction for our thought processes and actions and, in turn, improve our day. This is also a useful tool to use when we feel overwhelmed.

As always find a quiet place to sit and take 3 deep breaths.
Breathe deeply to the bottom of the lungs.

Now sit and ask yourself:
1. What do I want to achieve right now?
2. What is taking up most of my thinking right now?

The answer to these questions should be the same, but often it is not. During these times, when freedom is restricted, and we are blocked from doing exactly as we please, we may become frustrated by our circumstances and feel powerless to change them. We may become distracted from our tasks and spend our time ruminating and catastrophising about the future. Bringing ourselves into the present moment and focussing on what we want to achieve calms us and offers purpose.

Now ask yourself
3. What am I feeling right now?
4. What is draining me?
5. What is supporting me

Acknowledging what we are feeling helps us to give ourselves permission for those emotions and to accept and express them.
By asking what is draining us, we may realise that it is something we can change. On the other hand, it may be outside of our control and must, therefore be accepted.
By asking what is supporting us, we will become conscious of those things that deserve our gratitude. A grateful mindset leads to abundance because we attract more of whatever we focus on.

Now, ready yourself for the rest of the day where you will consciously choose activities and rituals that nourish and replenish your psychological, emotional and physical energies.

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