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Sit in front of the mirror and smile.

Sit with it even if it feels ‘icky.’

Keep doing it until you are laughing.

To generate a fake smile, hold a pencil between your teeth . Before long you will be laughing at your efforts

Listen to jokes and tell them to other people

Watch some favourite comedy

Reminisce with friends, family or even alone, about funny things that have happened

Get out photos of loved ones and happy times that make you smile

Smile at people in the street. the more you do this, the more people will smile back, and you will get a two-fold buzz, from your own serotonin and dopamine and from the knowledge that you have given someone else a dose of those feel good chemicals too.

Tickling an appropriate other produces involuntary, uncontrollable laughter.

Pet and talk to your animals

Walk around your garden

Perform acts of kindness, maybe in secret

Prank someone who you know will appreciate it

Make connections with people that you like but have not heard from in a while

Make ‘smile’ your default expression and notice how others respond to you.

Before you know it, negative facial expressions will feel out of place on you face,

others will regard you as a positive person to be around and your whole outlook will change for the better!

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