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Spiral Meditation

Find a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed
Sit, relaxed, with your spine straight
Take your awareness to your breathing as you have done before
The tidal in and out of your breath
Aligning with all the cycles
Patterns and symmetry of the Natural World
The rolling sea
The Earth as it orbits the Sun
The flower, as it bursts silently open
Quickened by
The warmth of summer sunshine
Allow your shoulders to soften
Allow your breath to become slow and deep
Picture yourself walking along a cliff top on a warm Spring morning
You can hear the sound of the sea birds
Calling from far offshore
And you notice the scent of sea salt
In the new morning air
As you begin your descent towards the shoreline
Making your way along the sloping path downwards
You notice tufts of coarse sea grass
Stirring in the breeze
And tiny buzzing insects
Holding fast in the undergrowth
Your feet keep a steady rhythm until
At last they find the flat expanse of damp sand
That stretches out towards the foaming water’s edge
You walk along the beach
Listening to the lap, lap, lap
Of the tiny waves eddying over the sand

Way off in the distance you can see
A disturbance of colour and texture
Along the flat expanse of beach
You make your way curiously towards it
Taking in its variety of subtle dotting
Of pink, blue, green and gold
It is a large stone Spiral
Perfectly made
Beautifully designed
The colours and textures random
And yet, somehow uniform
It is walkable!

With gratitude you put down your bag
take of your shoes and socks
And allow the warm wet sand between your toes
You close your eyes
And breathe deeply the salty morning air
You ask yourself

“What do I carry today that no longer serves me?”

“What do I wish to let go of?”

The answers seem to arrive on the wind
Holding those answers gently between your fingers and thumb
You begin to walk the spiral inwards towards the centre
Conscious of each turn representing all the changes
You have both accepted and resisted
In the passing of the years
When you reach the centre of the Spiral
You picture those things that no longer serve you
Held gently between your fingers and thumb
And you release them into the wind
You say

“I release the things that were once mine
But that no longer serve me or nourish my Spirit
I let them go in the breeze
To be blown gently back to Source”

You stand there in the centre of the beautiful Spiral
And let go
Opening your fingers and thumbs
And allowing all that you brought to be released
To flutter and drift away on the wind
Like feathers

And now you ask yourself

“What do I wish to take with me
For the journey ahead?”

“What will nourish me and bolster me
In my new and current ventures?

“What do I wish to cultivate and nurture
to give me support and sustenance?”

The answers arrive on the wind
You press them gently into your heart
Taking them as your own
Knowing that they are a gift

After some time, you begin
Slowly walking the spiral outwards
Towards the undisturbed sand
Holding your gifts closely
And safely within
Each turn representing limitless potential
And growth

In your rhythmical walking
You begin to see how these gifts will be used
To support and assist you
In your journey forwards
From this point onwards
And you are filled with gratitude
And Hope
And Joy

Now your journey begins anew
The next full turn
As you make the steady climb
To the top of the cliff

Now gently bring yourself back to full awareness
Feeling refreshed and ready to face the rest of the day

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