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Standing Tall

Could you find 2 minutes a day for you? Those 2 minutes could see an increase in your confidence and performance. Imagine the knock on effect on your resilience.

We know that mind and body are linked and we know that our minds can impact on our bodies. Social scientist Amy Cuddy has now proven, that in fact, our bodies can influence our minds. What we choose to do can influence what we think, which affects how we feel, which ultimately impacts on our behaviours.

In animal studies the alpha males have high testosterone levels and low cortisol levels. In simple terms this equates to high levels of confidence and low stress levels and this is no different in Humans.

Amy and her team recorded baseline measurements of these hormones in participants. They then went on to measure the effect of different body postures on the levels.
Effecting a closed defensive position for 2 minutes resulted in a 10% decrease in testosterone and an 11% increase in cortisol; lower confidence and higher stress. A confident open pose for 2 minutes resulted in a 20% increase in testosterone and a 25% decrease in cortisol; higher confidence and lower stress.

Open postures are those with uncrossed arms and legs, shoulders back and head up. Think wonder woman and superman stances!

Taking 2 minutes a day to stand tall can have an effect on our brain that makes us feel assertive and relaxed. Take this simple resilience tool and use it every-day. Bring out the wonder you!

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