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Stoke your Creative Fire

Set the intention to connect with your Creative Self. This is the part of you that you feel most at the beginning of an exciting project or at the hatching of a brilliant idea. It is also the innovative part of you that is able to think laterally and creatively work out problems. Connecting with it ignites a very special energy. Think of some of your highest and most enjoyable creative achievements and put yourself at the start. What do you feel? Anticipation? Excitement? Readiness?

Now examine any part of you that comes to block your progress. Any feelings of discomfort that come up when you consider stoking your creative fire are welcome because they give you valuable information about the Self. Sit with them. Acknowledge them. They do not need to be named or analysed but they need witness and you may get a sense of their nature. Fears? Doubts? Do this with light curiosity and say “thank you.”

Now make a list of all the creative activities that you do already. You may not, up to now have considered them as such, widen the search and be very broad in your definition.

At the side of each activity give it a score out of 5 for each of the following

How much do I love the process of doing this? 0-5

How convenient is this to get out and do? 0-5

What is my level of skill at this? 0-5

How much do I appreciate or value the end product? 0-5

How much do others appreciate or value the end product? 0-5

Now make a list of new activities. Things that you have, perhaps always wanted to try but never had the time or confidence. Do not limit yourself. Use your imagination.

Now draw out a broad plan of your typical week. Make it like a timetable.

Once you have filled in your obligations such as work and family commitments, begin to look at activities that could be pruned away to make time for creative fire.

Look also at areas of your week that could be improved by adding creativity.

Now look for spaces in the day where a creative activity may be possible.

You can look at your above lists and assign certain activities to an appropriate time slot depending on all of the above factors. For example, a regular free slot on a Saturday morning might lend itself to a new venture, whereas, half an hour between work and childcare might warrant a quick but refreshing trip around the garden tending to your beloved plants.

Laying your week out in this way allows you to see the potential for creative fire in all things. The more that you make the connection, the more you will see your Creative Self appearing to inject magic and fire into your daily life!

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