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Surrendering to Uncertainty

Sit quietly in a safe place.
Breathe deeply and effortlessly.
Follow the air right down to the bottom of your lungs and notice how the letting go of it encourages a letting go of the tension in your body.
Become aware of that tension as it begins to ebb away.
Now become aware of the four walls of the room you are sitting in.
Then the ceiling and the floor.
Take your awareness to your energy body, sometimes referred to as personal space.
Your aura.
Now bring your attention to your physical body.
Any tension that you have been or are still holding in your body carries communication about your wellbeing.
Thank your body for this communication.
Let it know that you are listening.
Become entirely conscious and aware of the present moment without the interruption of thought.
When your mind tries to take over, thank it, but bring your awareness back to the present.
Become entirely present in your body in this moment.
It is all you have.
Nothing else exists.
What are your needs?
Is action needed right now in this very moment?
Or can you surrender?
Practise the art of surrendering entirely to what is and feel the peace that it affords you.
The peace of not having to worry.
Not having to think or analyse.
The peace of letting go of everything but your awareness of this moment.
Now your energy can be used for other things.
Take a few moments to enjoy the sensation.
Now slowly bring yourself back to full awareness with a renewed sense calm acceptance
knowing that you have the power to surrender to uncertainty. .

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