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The Five-Point Rescue Plan

Use the questions below to help you pick through the thoughts feelings and behaviours involved in your situation.

What is my Perceived Problem
I am worried about coronavirus
I am in pain
I am overweight
What are my negative behaviours
Ruminating about things out of my control
Giving attention to my pain
What drives these behaviours
Fear, anger, apathy, boredom, guilt, ego
What are my limitations
A diagnosis
The behaviour of others
What can I change
What I think, feel and do
What is my actual problem
Lack of purpose
Lack of self-esteem
Communication problems

Look at your answers.

Accept your limitations – you cannot change them.

Focus on the actual problem you have identified and concentrate on the things you can change.

Choose 5 small but significant changes you can make to your life and do them every day.

For example:
The insomnia mentioned earlier was caused by anxiety about coronavirus. Surrendering to the uncertainty surrounding this is important.

A plan to help here might look something like this:
1. Daily meditation to start the day with a calm, still mind
2. Be present – focussing on the tasks at hand, not ruminating about unknown future events. Bring yourself back to the present whenever needed.
3. Regular physical activity to disperse cortisol
4. Stay up to date with news about the virus but switch off technology at a set time to allow the brain to slow down
5. Lavender oil in a warm bath before bed or a drop on the pillow.

Give yourself a time frame. During this time, avoid ruminating about your problem; rather, concentrate on implementing these five actions.

After the given amount of time, review the situation and evaluate your plan.

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