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Understanding the Purpose of Ego

Whenever you find yourself in a situation where a response of fear has been provoked press pause:

This might manifest as feelings of anger, jealousy, frustration, resentment or disappointment.

You may then feel your Ego begin to step in as you automatically select a tried and tested behaviour, in response to the discomfort. This may present as a cutting comment, an outburst, sulking, sarcasm, boasting, passive aggression or withdrawal of goodwill.

Before allowing this behaviour to run, as usual, we would encourage you to step into the shoes of your Observer. This is the part of the psyche which is able to observe emotion without taking part in it. By doing this, you can witness what is going on for you in the situation without being clouded by emotion. You will witness the situation that has provoked the response and you will know that this is showing you where you can work on the Self to become more resilient; to prevent yourself from becoming triggered in this way in the future. Knowing this is grounds for gratitude. You can be grateful for this opportunity for growth, and a grateful mindset is a prerequisite for abundance!

As we have said before, having observed the process within you, you are then able to choose which way to go next. You can either allow that behaviour to run and accept and learn from the consequences or you can choose another path. Repeat or evolve. The power lies with you.

A more in-depth article about invoking the Observer is here:

How to Observe Our Emotions in Difficult Times

During our daily lives, when we cultivate the habit of regularly stepping into the shoes of our Observer, we can begin to recognise our regular or habitual behavioural strategies. These are patterns of behaviour which we have employed since childhood and which fulfil our basic needs. The most pressing of these is the need to feel safe. Maintaining a feeling of safety equates to maintaining protection and since this is its function, we may find some of those strategies being driven by Ego. This may manifest, amongst other things, as boasting, constantly recalling successes, refusing to acknowledge the achievements of others, putting others down, criticising, claiming to know everything about a subject and claiming to own certain concepts and ideas. This is perfectly understandable and yet, because of the Law of Reflection, quite unattractive to others. The good news is that the presence of Ego in these circumstances is also unattractive to us when we recognise it in ourselves and so is often dissolved immediately upon making the realisation. This means that we only need to work on our self-awareness, acceptance and accountability and Ego usually falls in line.

Remember that, although unattractive at times, Ego is your protector in a world where not everyone is embarking upon a journey towards self-awareness and enlightenment. When we notice Ego coming into play, we must remember that is a valuable part of our psyche. We must thank it for being there and for keeping us safe up to now and we must continue along our path with humility and humour. Every experience is a learning experience. Even the ones that make us cringe!

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