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Water Meditation

Think about your daily encounters with water
Showering in the morning before work
Washing your hands throughout the day
Maybe going for a swim
Taking a long soak in the bath in the evening to relax

As you prepare to do these activities, set the intention to do them mindfully.

It is possible to let your physical body take care of things automatically whilst you are taking a shower of washing your hands. This means that you are free to become a prisoner to your thoughts, and not be present during the process at all.

When we set our intention to become present, we can harness the power of water and its symbolic value.

As you step into the shower or bath, or place your hands under running water today, silently say to yourself:
“I cleanse myself of anything I am attached to that no longer serves me.”
“I cleanse myself of negative thoughts and feelings.”
“I cleanse myself of self-criticism and judgement.”
“I bathe myself in new growth and progress.”
“I bathe myself in positive thoughts and feelings.”
I bathe myself in acceptance and gratitude.”

You can visualise as the things that you have been holding onto, that no longer serve you, flowing away down the plug hole. As you do this, allow the fresh, clean water to bathe you in positivity and light.

As you begin to make this your ritual, you may well find that more appropriate words and phrases arrive. Let the mantra become your own.

Your higher self knows the words that will resonate with you and benefit you the most.

Whenever I am near water, I cleanse myself of what no longer fits for me and bathe in what serves me. I do this with gratitude and acceptance.

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