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How to Receive What is Yours

When we embark upon a path of self-discovery the rewards are immense, but the terrain can be harsh and strewn with obstacles.

The future is made of pure potential and the Universe is infinitely bountiful.

Every one of us is worthy of claiming what is rightfully ours.

So why is it that we so often become stuck?

It can be frustrating when we find ourselves blocked from achieving what we want or moving forward with doors closing on us in all directions.

The truth is that we are better able to receive when we get out of our own way.

As we have often discussed here, we all have our own unique model of the world. This is made up of all our life experiences and our genetic make-up.

Thus, we are all viewing the world through an individual lens which colours everything. In the beginning, it helps us to make sense of the universe.

We build our lives based on this carefully constructed system. It includes a set of beliefs about the Self that are born in early life.

To maintain order in our Universe, we often give meaning to life events that works for us but is not accurate. For example, we may believe that we are being ignored because we are not likeable, when in fact, those around us are consumed with their own private troubles and have not even noticed that we are present.

Human life is fraught with negative belief, emotion and behaviour which have its roots in fear.

This presents in so many ways.

We may appear jealous, overbearing, aggressive, stilted, cold, brash, conceited, introverted, extroverted, rude, or mean.

All of these behaviours have fear at the heart of them.

When witnessed, they also affect others in a negative way, provoking them and creating conflict.

This is all part of the human experience and affectionately referred to as our ‘stuff.’

There is no doubt that it is our ‘stuff’ that impedes our progress.

When we set our intention to receive something the Universe is listening.

We must be mindful of what it hears.

Most of us are operating with an underlying fear that we are somehow not enough, not worthy, or not whole.

If we have the underlying core belief that we are not worthy of receiving something, then the message to the Universe that we wish to have it, is contaminated.

We are talking about the language of energy. The Universe will not be fooled by words without intention.

To ready ourselves to receive gifts from the Universe we must get out of our own way.

We do this by recognising that all of it is our ‘stuff.’

This is both terrifying and liberating at the same time.

If it is all my ‘stuff’ then I can hold no external circumstance or person responsible for my misery!

If I am totally responsible, however, then I alone hold the keys to my success!

There is nobody more motivated to do this for you than your Self!

We must seek to rise above these human sensibilities and practise allowing our ‘stuff’ to fall away beneath or through us.

In Shamanic Practice this is known as “hollowing out” and is a prerequisite to journeying for spiritual enlightenment.

We are more than the negative beliefs, thoughts, and patterns of behaviour that we have become embroiled in during our time on Earth.

We are pure lights of the Universe and as such entirely worthy of whatever the Universe will provide.

Any beliefs that we have to the contrary were not brought with us but acquired during our learning to be human. We must unlearn them!

We are worthy of receiving. We only need ask – with pure intention.

Try this:

Choose a time in your day when you are not rushed or likely to be interrupted.

We have found that a good time to do this exercise is at night just before you drop off to sleep.

That said, find a time that is right for you.

Lie on your back or sit with your spine straight

Take your awareness to your breathing as we have described before

Allow your breaths to slow and deepen and feel yourself becoming calm

Bring yourself right into the present moment

Just you

In this room

Aware of your breathing

Slow and deep

Now open your palms and turn them upwards to face the Universe

Feel its infinite potential

Know that you are an integral part of it

Perfect and whole

Worthy of all it has to give you

Now picture all the earthly human complications, misunderstandings, resistance, and ‘stuff’ that has been and blocking your progress

See it clearly

Messily stagnating your flow

Know now how unimportant it is in the vast dance of life

Know that it stands between you and what is rightfully yours

As you do this repeat this mantra:

I am open to receiving”

Observe and acknowledge any feelings of resistance that arise as you do this

Notice them with interest

They are attachments

Visualise all the earthly rubbish that is blocking you from receiving

Washing and falling away

See it leaving behind the pure conduit that you are

See yourself as a channel of pure Universal light

Open and ready to receive

Gently bring yourself back to full awareness.

If you like this or find it useful please share it with others. Thank you.

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