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Lion's Breath

"When you own your breath no-one can steal your peace"

- Unknown

Our breathing is an automatic, involuntary function controlled by a part of the hind brain called the medulla oblongata. This means we do not have to think about breathing it happens even when we lose consciousness; it is unconscious.

We can however pay attention to our breathing and make it entirely conscious.

In doing this we alter our body chemistry in a positive way and affect the way we are feeling. We can improve our physical and mental health, reduce our anxiety levels and even stop a panic attack. We have shared different breathing techniques over the years.

This week we want to share an exciting breathing pose and technique that is truly energising.

Lion’s breath

This technique encourages us in letting go. It helps us build confidence, relieve stress and boost vitality.

The technique involves sticking the tongue out and breathing out heavily almost like a lion’s roar. In doing this, we engage the muscles of the jaw and neck. We hold a lot of tension in the face and neck and so this techniques helps gets rid of this. It also encourages us to use the diaphragm to breathe which activates the ‘Relaxation Response’.

When doing this breathing exercise we can enhance its effect by setting the intention to let go of stress and tension and old patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that no longer serve us. Sticking out the tongue can make you feel a bit self-conscious but embrace this and use it to see the lighter side which adds to the feeling of release.

Try this:

Sit in a comfortable position. Ideally kneeling or crossed legged

If you cannot get down on the floor sit up straight in a chair with your spine straight and your feet planted flat on the floor.

Release the tension in your face, neck and shoulders

Place your palms on your knees and spread the fingers wide

Close your eyes and inhale deeply through the nose

As you inhale circle the shoulders back and open the shoulders and the chest. Imagine a silver thread connecting you to the cosmos, pull up through that line lengthening your upper body.

As you exhale:

1. Stick the tongue out and down towards the ground

2. Make a “ha” sound

3. Spread the fingers wide and press the palms down and out on the knees

4. Look up and inwards towards the third eye on your forehead

Repeat for 5 breaths

For the full body experience sit back on the heels in a kneeling position and part the knees.

Lean forwards press the palms into the floor in the space between the knees. If you can turn the hands so the fingers are pointing backwards towards your body do so and spread them wide

As you inhale feel the lengthening of the spine and as you do tilt the pelvis backwards slightly

As you exhale tilt the pelvis forwards slightly

Have a go, feel silly and let go of what does not serve you.

We hope you enjoy this breathing exercise.

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1 comentario

15 may 2022

"When you own your breath no-one can steal your peace" brings something else and no less powerful to mind..."when you own your voice, no-one can steal your power!" You guys are so inspiring!

Me gusta
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