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Manage your Anxiety

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it

– Kahlil Gibran

Anxiety is a well-used word.

We all experience some degree of anxiety.

The word itself has been so much used and defined that it has become a ‘thing.’

Something that happens to us. Something over which we have no control.

We have said before that fear keeps us safe. It is what makes us look before we cross the road and it can motivate us to get to a deadline on time or study hard for an exam.

When, however, we allow ourselves to become overcome with fearful thoughts which lead to negative emotions and behaviours, we damage ourselves.

When we do this, we suffer. We feel stuck, and powerless to make positive changes. This is anxiety.

Recognising that we are actually capable of choosing what we think about, feel and do is a very powerful shift in mind-set.

Chronic anxiety is also a problem in itself.

It can be present with no apparent cause and can cause great suffering.

When it presents, unpleasant gut feelings appear to come from nowhere and can invoke negative thinking which, in turn, magnifies those negative emotions and leads to either destructive behaviour or further negative thinking.

We have seen many people in this situation and have both struggled with it ourselves.

Some people with chronic anxiety have had terrible trauma.

There are others who feel that their life is great and that their anxiety is unwarranted. This often leads to feelings of shame and guilt which compounds the situation.

Anxiety is not a ‘thing’ it is a series of negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

We can learn how to reframe our thoughts, manage our body chemistry reducing the physical symptoms of anxiety and choose positive behaviours.

This week’s tool is a Five-Point Rescue Plan for Anxiety.

We have created an extremely effective plan for managing anxiety.

It contains a choice of tools and techniques to help with the symptoms of anxiety and to tackle the underlying negative thinking that drives it.

To show our appreciation, we are sending this tool FREE to all who have joined our community.

To receive your FREE Five-Point Rescue Plan for Anxiety, please leave your email address and Resilient Practice will send it to you along with two audio guided meditations and a Gap Analysis Tool to measure your current resilience.

‘How to Rise – A Complete Resilience Manual’ from Sheldon Press is now available with over 60 tools and techniques to help improve your mental wellbeing, reduce burnout and allow you to take control of your life.

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