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The Best Version of You

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

― Albert Einstein

As you know we are passionate about sharing what we have learned about resilience and wellbeing. We do this by talking about it, teaching and writing our articles. This week we were discussing the different ways people learn (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic) and we realised that we have the perfect opportunity to share our thoughts verbally. Therefore, this week’s article is an audio of a podcast that we recorded last year with the fantastic Alan Freedman who runs the wonderful podcast

'Discovering and Living the Best Version...of YOU!'

Click the link to listen

Down for the Count - Only This Time, the One Lying on the Mat...Isn't You! - Featuring Dr Karen Forshaw and Chrissie Mowbray

There is no shortage of resources that urge you to get back up when life knocks you to the ground, and that would be fine if they included effective guidance in one key sadly overlooked area...How to get back up…How to Rise! I knew from the very beginnings of plugging into the collective wisdom of Karen Forshaw and Chrissie Mowbray, that I was on to something special! As the host of this podcast, my greatest challenge was condensing a plethora of life-changing techniques crafted by these deeply gifted women into one 35-40-minute episode. I guess we may simply need to get together again…and again!

Key Topics:

What is self-awareness and how do we make it work in our favour?

There is tremendous power in words! They can be a blessing or a curse!

What is an effective strategy one can employ to ensure they don't give away their power?

Our world with all its fractures, has us "running on empty". The good news is that there exists a strategic resilience tool that is restorative in nature.

What is the power of flow?

What is a beginner's mind and why do we need to invite to "the table" regarding a whole host of issues, those who possess this mindset?

Why is it so vitally important to ensure that our "plate" is never full?

We hope you enjoy this episode. Take the time to look at Alan’s other sessions they are well worth a listen

Discovering and Living the Best Version...of YOU!

For more insights and a host of tools and techniques for exploring the Self and improving your

human experience see our book:

How to Rise: A Complete Resilience Manual

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