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The Power of Objects

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Most of us hold a small number of objects dear. Whether it be jewellery, handed down from loved ones, a special gift purchased on an amazing holiday, or the most iridescent pebble picked up on a walk at the beach. Whatever they are, these objects have power.

They are talismans.

Talisman – an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck. have been used across the globe, in a great many religions and cultures for centuries – Oxford Dictionary

Talismans can be found in various forms in most religions and cultures. Examples include the Crucifix, the Star of David, the Saint Christopher, the pentagram, the Hamsa, the horseshoe, the Eye of Horus, the four leaved clover, the lucky rabbit’s foot and the wishbone. They may present in the form of an object specific to someone of importance such as a wedding ring, or even that person’s remains, for example, a religious relic or a person’s ashes.

Talismans are often worn or carried for courage and protection but can be dedicated with a specific purpose. They may represent a connection to a spiritual teacher, a loved one, or the divine. They may be blessed in ceremony or inscribed with prayer.

Talismans may be intended for certain situations such as a job interview, an exam or even a battle.

There are many who believe in the specific healing power of crystals. These are often used in therapy and also worn and carried because of their perceived healing and protective properties.

Let us examine the power of objects.

In the classic story of Dumbo, the elephant, Dumbo finds himself high up on a ledge. The only options available to him are to fall or to fly. Although he does not believe that he can fly, he remembers that he has been given a magic feather which will help him to do just that, and in a leap of faith, he launches into the air. Dumbo knows that, whilst he has the feather, he can fly. Of course, we learn later on in the story, when Dumbo drops the feather that he had the power all along.

It was his gift but only in accepting the feather did he give himself permission to use it.

When we consider our own talismans, by honouring the significance they have to us for protection, courage, healing, improved performance and connection, we imbue them with those powers. But we must remember that this power and those gifts already belong to us. In consciously choosing to carry the object with us, we are unlocking that power and giving ourselves permission to accept those gifts.

Whatever our objects of significance, the importance lies in the meaning we give them. Equally important are our intentions in using them. Without these, an object is just that.

When we make our power objects conscious.

We allow ourselves to receive gifts.

For a meditative exercise to help harness the power of your talismans and over 60 additional tools and techniques to help improve your mental wellbeing, reduce anxiety and allow you to take control of your life see our book 'How to Rise - A Complete Resilience Manual' from Sheldon Press.

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