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Body-Scan Meditation

Find a comfortable place to sit with your spine straight.
Take your awareness to your breathing.
The tidal in and out of your breath.
The rise and fall of your chest and abdomen.
Allow those breaths to slow and deepen and feel your body begin to relax and let go.
Let go of any tension that you have been holding within your muscles.
Tell your body to let it go
Your body is listening.
As you sit completely still, what can you feel?
What information are you receiving?
Can you feel your breath? Your heartbeat? The weight of your body in the chair?
Sensation of your clothes against your skin?
Thank your body for the information and let it know that you are listening too.
Now step into the shoes of your observer self and take a trip around your body.
Move steadily and gently through your head, neck, torso, and limbs noting all of the sensations that are felt.
Be aware of any area of the body where you feel pain or vulnerability.
Be aware of where you need to heal.
Thank your body for the information.
Know that, even when you seek help with healing, that healing comes from your body.
As you sit quietly, ask your body what obstacles there are to your healing.
What are your barriers? Your attachments?
Ask your body to help you to remove and release these now.
Visualise them dissolving.
However you see this happening is right for you.
Feel a sense of freedom and liberation from that which has been holding you back.
Now give your body permission to heal.
Notice what happens as you do this.
Sit comfortably in the silence.

Spend a few minutes relaxing before you bring yourself back to full awareness with a new, profound love and appreciation for your body.

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