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Earth Meditation

Sit comfortably with your spine straight and feet flat on the floor.
Take your awareness to your breathing
Allow it to slow and deepen
Begin to feel a stillness settle over you
As you focus on your breath
Now imagine roots emerging from the soles of your feet
And reaching down deeply into the earth.
Feel the connection
Notice the flow of energy between you
Your connection to the earth
And to every other living thing

Now take your awareness to the crown of your head
Imagine a fine, glistening silver thread
Right in the centre
Reaching up into the heavens
Connecting you with the entire cosmos
Feel the connection
Notice the flow of energy
The sun, planets moons and stars
And everything beyond
Your unbreakable connection to the Universe
And its boundless potential

Now feel the abundance of energy
That is yours
If you can be open to receive it
Set you intention to receive all that is yours

Gently bring yourself back to full awareness

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