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How to Find your Centre

Find a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed

Sit, relaxed, with your spine straight

Take your awareness to your breathing as you have done before

The tidal in and out of your breath

Aligning with all the cycles

The patterns and symmetry

Of the Natural World

Remember that you are of the Earth

Rather than upon it

Now allow any feelings of turbulence that you have

To come gently to the surface

Anything that is unresolved

Or not understood

Anything that is taking up precious space

Acknowledge its presence

And sit with it in gratitude for the information

Understand that you are a unique child of the Universe

And begin to take a journey within yourself

To find your true centre

The most authentic part of the Self

The moment you came to earth

Something made you distinct from everyone else

Before you were labelled

Before you were recognised by others

Before you belonged and were accepted

You were unique and individual

Precious and gifted

Only one of you was made

In the whole of the cosmos

From material from the Heavens

Never to be repeated

Deep within you

At your very centre

Lies that spark of divine light

That you came with

The wisest version of your Self

The inner voice

Of simply knowing

Not from learning from others or experience

But from the possession of innate wisdom

That is yours and yours alone

It is the voice that you hear

When you give sound advice to others

The part that knows how to provide comfort

To a sick relative or a frightened child

The part of you that

Whatever the circumstances

Knows that everything will be alright

Because you came here with

And have always possessed

All The skills and resources

Knowledge and tools

Not only to survive

But to thrive during your time on Earth

Sit with that part of the Self

That was not sought or earned

While you were here

It is your gift

Sit with it in gratitude

Feel the connection

All is as it should be

You are in balance

When you connect with this part of the Self

You tap into your inner knowing

And you know without question

Quietly what is needed in all situations

You are whole

Now gently travel from your centre upwards and outwards

Through the necessary veils and layers of protection

That you wear throughout life

Until you find yourself here

In this situation

Right now

You can travel to your centre at any time to meet your true Self and achieve a state of calm balance throughout your day.

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