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How to Light up the Darkness

Begin after dusk or before sunrise. Find a quiet, comfortable space where you will not be disturbed, and you can safely turn off the lights. You can furnish it with soft cushions and warm blankets. You can burn sage, incense, or essential oils if you wish. Place unlit candles and matches within your reach ready to for you light up the darkness.

Make a cocoon of your surroundings

Sit in your cocoon in darkness with your spine straight

Take your awareness to the sensation of your breathing

Drawing in and releasing out

In cycles and rhythms

As the day turns to night

And night to day

Summer to winter

Winter to summer

Tune in to the silent heartbeat of the Universe

As it responds to your intentions

In the darkness

Sit and listen

Consider first, the physical Earthly darkness

What gifts does it offer you?

In the darkness we are spared the intrusion and interruption

Of all the varied stimulations of daytime activity and chatter

And given the grace to hear

The wisdom of our own hearts

Consider now your own Shadow

disregarded and unwanted

Harsh and offensive when seen against the brightness of sunlight

Or electrical office illumination

But easier to coax forward in the gentle darkness

Easier to see

To accept

Sit with your Shadow

As your companion

Give it space to be

Understand that the unloved and unwanted parts of the Self

Need to be heard

And seen

And felt

For us to become whole

And fully loved

Consider the power that the Universe has

To reveal our Shadow to us

Reflected in the actions of others

Is this not a Gift?

Feel the gratitude invoked by all the gifts of the Universe

Including this one

Allow it to come to the surface

And extend it outwards into the Cosmos

Sit in silence now

Aware of the darkness

But free of thought

Now consider the returning of the light

Which old patterns of behaviour

And limiting beliefs no longer serve you

Know that you can release these now

Into the darkness

To be transmuted

What parts of the Self do you wish to be illuminated?

What intentions do you wish to receive the light?

This time around the sun?

Know that you can take these with you

To be seen with clarity

And warmed into life

As the light returns

With the next sunrise

And on

Light your candles and sit with the new light

Allow yourself to feel deep gratitude for every opportunity

To begin again

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