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Humming Bee Breathing

Sit in a quiet comfortable spot where you will not be disturbed.

Sit tall with your spine straight

Close your eyes

Put your left thumb in your left ear and your right thumb in your right ear and wrap the palm of your hands over the crown of your head. If you feel uncomfortable putting your thumbs in your ears then simply press them to the tragus – the part of the ear that sticks out where the ears join your head. The aim is to block out external sounds.

Take a deep breath in through your nose using the diaphragm to fully inflate the lungs

Exhale slowly through slightly parted lips

As you exhale make a humming sound at the back of your throat.

Keep the ‘hmmmmmm’ sound as steady and even as you can. Aiming to sound like a Bee.

Allow the humming to resonate through your whole head.

Allow your body to relax releasing any tension in the head, neck and shoulders

Do this for 5-10 breath cycles

Regular Bhramari Breathing is a great healthy ritual to weave into your day with many benefits for physical and mental health.

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