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Inner Strength Meditation

Find a quiet comfortable spot
Take your attention to your breathing
The tidal in and out of your breath
Feel the air enter your body
Bringing life

Now take your attention to your feet
Feel the ground beneath them
Imagine roots spreading down connecting you to the nutrient rich earth
The solid foundation on which everything is built
Your rock
Your stability
Infinite possibilities lying dormant waiting

Now take your attention to the top of your head
Imagine a silver thread connecting you to the Cosmos
The universal source of divine energy
Visualise the heavens with all their celestial light
Pure unbounded potential

Rooted to the earth
Connected to the Universe
Feel the energy flowing through you

Now focus on your inner most core
Do you feel this in your gut, or in your head, or in your heart?
You will know what is right for you
Feel the energy at your core pulsing
Your source

Now feel that energy at your centre start to expand
Drawing from the Earth and the Universe
Feel it gather and multiply
Feel it grow
Like a spark that grows to an inferno
Brighter and brighter
Warmer and warmer
Feel your power radiate out until it covers your whole body
You are infinite energy
Infinite possibility
Bask in this feeling for as long as you need

When you are ready
Bring yourself back to full awareness with the knowledge that your inner strength is ready for anything

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