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Receive Meditation

Choose a time in your day when you are not rushed or likely to be interrupted.
We have found that a good time to do this exercise is at night just before you drop off to sleep.
That said, find a time that is right for you.

Lie on your back or sit with your spine straight
Take your awareness to your breathing as we have described before
Allow your breaths to slow and deepen and feel yourself becoming calm
Bring yourself right into the present moment
Just you
In this room
Aware of your breathing
Slow and deep
Now open your palms and turn them upwards to face the Universe
Feel its infinite potential
Know that you are an integral part of it
Perfect and whole
Worthy of all it has to give you

Now picture all the earthly human complications, misunderstandings, resistance, and ‘stuff’ that has been and blocking your progress
See it clearly
Messily stagnating your flow
Know now how unimportant it is in the vast dance of life
Know that it stands between you and what is rightfully yours
As you do this repeat this mantra:
“I am open to receiving”
Observe and acknowledge any feelings of resistance that arise as you do this
Notice them with interest
They are attachments
Visualise all the earthly rubbish that is blocking you from receiving
Washing and falling away
See it leaving behind the pure conduit that you are
See yourself as a channel of pure Universal light
Open and ready to receive
Gently bring yourself back to full awareness.

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