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The Power of Objects

Choose one object that has positive significance for you

You can do this many times so do not worry too much about picking the right one

Sit with your hands on the object

Think about the reasons why you chose this object

Does it have specific meaning?

Does it have connections to a particular person or situation?

Is it thought to have healing properties or special powers?

Set clear intentions for the purpose of your talisman

This might be courage, luck, power, protection, improved performance, connection or healing

Begin to really connect with your object of choice

Allow all the positive emotions and memories that you have concerning this object to come right into the present moment

Experience them vividly

What do they look like?

Where do you feel them in your body?

Feel all the power that this object has to offer you

Allow it to surround you both

Turn up the intensity

Take your hands off the object and place them in your lap

Sit with that power

Know that it is your gift

Give yourself permission to receive it

It is yours to use whenever you need it

Whether you have your object close at hand or not

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